Gotta be honest. The month is practically over and I haven’t made any official acknowledgement that this is, after all, Black History Month. Routinely, especially during my years of confinement, if anyone was to be at the forefront of any movement to spearhead the activities of February, it would probably be me. For many years, while in prison, I was the chairman of the prison’s African-American Culture Committee and was intensely involved and motivated.

In the free world, life has this way of interrupting any plans you may have made that don’t center around your immediate survival. For someone such as myself, who is a rookie at navigating my way through life without infringing any law, is a nerve-wracking experience where every waking moment is preoccupied with securing the fixings for my next meal.

Sure, in my daily coming and going here and there, I couldn’t help but notice the various Black History festivities taking place throughout my hometown, but I also noticed the same invitations to participate in Kwanzaa festivities. Yet, I attended none.

How odd since I don’t feel any less black now than I did when I was a die-hard revolutionary, ready to die in the streets for the freedom of the people, but I’m a lot less vocal. Maybe this is my “It-is-what-it-is” moment, my chance to surrender to the ever-present notion that “if the world ain’t changed by now, it ain’t never gonna change.” Who knows?

Without being judgmental, I do pity the countless brothers and sisters who gave up their lives or their freedom, fighting for the liberation of our people only to be rewarded with a generation who couldn’t care less about the struggle. It’s kinda disheartening.

I considered myself a freedom fighter, and despite what happened to the money, part of the proceeds from my first bank heist was to be donated to SWAPO, who were freedom fighters in Southwest Africa in the early 70s. I lived the revolution, but now guess it was about evolution. We, as a people, have not evolved,despite all the BS done to us, into people capable of handling freedom.