I just saw a news segment about Jay Z and Meek Mill launching the new alliance and it already has star power. Money has been pledged and rich donors, such as the Kraft family who own the Patriots are on board. As a veteran/victim of the criminal justice system, I am elated. However, I have not been absent from this struggle to reform prison. Even now, I am in talks with individuals who are interested in my program, PROJECT UPLIFT, and pushing to secure a grant for the program. It deals with Drug-Dealer Addiction which has never been studied before in great depth so the tenets of the program are innovative and new. I had to start from scratch and that is what I wanted. The program was developed while I was still confined and a 12 week pilot program  was successful.

To some, I know it may be a hard sell to believe that drug dealers are addicted, but they are. They are addicted to the lifestyle and are as powerless to quit as the user is to quit the use of drugs. Just ask any drug dealer who has money why he didn’t quit.  What it comes down to is that they couldn’t quit. There are professionals around who feel that no progress can be made in the war on drugs until drug dealing is viewed as a social disease.


Again, there are countless people who believe prisoners don’t deserve any help at all. I disagree, because I know there are innocent men in prison as I spent ten years inside for a crime I did not know anything about. I simply stepped out of my front door and it was a whole decade before I got back.


At any rate, the struggle for prison reform continues so there is still hope.