What we have here is the abject failure of those who make the laws to keep in mind the laws of karma. Thanks to hard-hitting, soul-taking punitive laws, we are now experiencing the natural outgrowth of the seeds spawned by these draconian measures.

Ever heard the old adage about “the same thing that makes you laugh, makes you cry. Right now, we are at the crying part. No so very long ago, politicians and other law-and-order folks, were patting each other on the backs, and celebrating just how successful they had been at enacting the most stringent criminal laws in history. Now, we shed tears because we are currently living through the holocaust conjured up by these laws.

I cannot even begin to imagine how many times some judge in some courtroom, somewhere in America has looked down on someone he was about to sentence, telling the guy about how ‘actions carry consequences’. Well, what I’d like to say right now to those judges is “that’s back at ya! If I was a drinking man, I would raise a glass in toast and say, “Here’s looking at you, kid, your fucking chickens are coming home to roost!”

There was a bank robbery yesterday in a town a few miles from Charlotte where the robber decided to shoot it out. In the process, he was killed. He held court in the streets. Get used to it, because this is a trending lifestyle in the criminal world. A’int nobody got time to go to prison no mo’, so crooks are taking it upon themselves to see to it that they get a fair trial in the streets. Blood is going to flow because what possible  judicial incentive can there even remotely be when you know before you even plan the crime that there is no parole? Given that reality,  getting killed in a shootout offers a double bonus. One, you get to avoid prison time, and secondly, you get the chance to take others, preferably the police, to hell with you.

This threat is very real, and it is one that has been in the incubator, warming up since the seventies. I remember Comrade George Jackson, who was killed while in prison. saying in his book of that era about how he was going to shoot it out with the cops if they ever tried to arrest him again. He said that he was going to put us such a firefight that the cops who finally did manage to slay him would get congressional medals of honor for outstanding valor!

And now for a moment of confession. I  know many who are of the same mind.  I have a friend who, like me, no longer breaks the law, Thank God, because if he still did, this is what he said he would do. He said that he was  tired of running from the police and  if he had committed a crime, and they were looking for him. he would  not run a single step. He would strap up, meaning he would get  a vest of explosives, and walk right into the police department, and blow the bitch up. I realize how harsh and unforgiving that may seem, but that it precisely what he would do. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. He would feel like so many others do, that he don’t have a choice but to hold court in the streets.

Even in diplomatic circles, when two countries are embroiled in a conflict, the country on the losing end must be allowed a way to save face. He will concede, but he must be permitted to save face. Well, back in the days, parole, probation, and leniency, were all “plums” that permitted a criminal to concede and still have something to look forward to in court. But not now…….so why even bother when you can hold court in the streets where you can be the judge, the jury, and executioner.

If you wonder why the streets are so unsafe, don’t take the easy way out by merely pointing at the actions of the powerless without assessing the damage caused by those in power whose took away the safety valves, and opened the floodgates.

The police, no matter how well-founded their intentions,  will be helpless to stop crime because they don’t understand the psychological culture of what is happening right under their noses, let alone the emotional mindset that engineers everything.

Anyway, just like in the Bob Marley song, “every day the bucket goes down to the well, one day the bottom will fall out.” Well, in this society, the bottom has fallen out. So how much worse is it gonna get? Who knows. You know it’s pretty darn bad any time you live in a so-called civilized society, the greatest on earth, and you are terrified of going to court. At one time, this proverbial ‘day in court’ was one of the most famous linchpins of  modern-day America. Now, it is the most feared and unpopular.

What else must be noted is this and it is vital. Prisons are bad, okay, and no one wants to go back but no one wants to be poor in the free world either. In a nutshell, you have hell fixing to break loose because when you have terrible laws on one hand, and lawless prisons on the other, what you have then is  a vow that some prisoners make upon their departure from prison. This “out the door” , Don’t-take-me-alive, vow becomes the bread and butter of his life. But what anyone outside the culture   will probably never understand  is that this vow not to be taken alive by the police provides something that is both prized and priceless: Absolute Freedom!

Believe it or not, but this “Don’t Take Me Alive” Philosophy allows a man to do whatever the fuck he pleases. He knows what’s in it for him, and once he works out the kinks of his willingness to die, then what is there to stop him for doing as he chooses? He has no restraints. He fears nothing. He is totally free.

America, your chicken are coming home to roost. For more, follow my blogs.