The End Game

It was reported this morning in the Charlotte Observer, the hometown newspaper, that guards were abandoning their jobs in the North Carolina Department of Corrections in droves. And while this is a seemingly new phenomenon, I simply wondered what took it so long to happen. In a deadly game of chance that has been going on for decades, what is now being made manifest is the end game in a war of attrition that convicts knew one day would come. For those of you who may be a little slow to grasp this, I’ll be blunt. The prison system is now entering a phase where “The inmates will be running the asylum”

The first volley in this revolution has already been sounded, and what it will signal is the death knell for the way things used to be. Sheer penal oppression and legal tyranny has pushed convicts to the point where they are more willing and more eager to stop living like caged animals, and to take their freedom by any means necessary. The maiming and murder of prison guards are nothing more than the collateral damage of the evil men do when they have no hope.

When I first started doing time, you could usually count the guys who had life sentences on your hands and toes, but now it seems as though one out of every five convicts have a life sentence. Do you know what that means? It means that these men will never see the light of day again, and when you crowd hundreds of such convicts in pressure-cooked prisons, what else exists but a disaster waiting to occur? Imagine what it must be like for a man when he suddenly awakens to the reality that he will never have sex again, that he will never taste his favorite foods again, that he will never see his children, his parents again. Oh the rage. You put this rage together and a pretty potent recipe for evil can ensue.

But this outrage is not the sole province of the lifers because the trickle down effect wreaks havoc on others as well because with the eradication of parole, you damned near do twenty years on a twenty year sentence. And that’s a long f****ing time.

But it is much deeper than that. The abolition of parole is the primary, driving force behind the recent spates of crimes where the culprits shoot it out with the cops, or kill themselves. They know that it ain’t no parole no mo”, so they opt to “Hold court in the streets” (shoot it out). In a lot of these ” street court’ battles, what works somewhat to the police advantage is that the culprit will kill himself rather than risk leaving it up to the cops who may only wound him. The one and only objective is to die! But does it stop there? I wish.

Another offspring of this country’s “Get Tough On Crime” mandate is a change in the mindset and attitude of the criminal. Once the new laws, with their extreme appetite for eating men alive, took away all the safety valves that had once promised judicial leniency, Holding Court In The Streets got a makeover.  Now, these  street court sessions had to be sensationalized. Why? Because today’s gangsta want to “go out in a blaze of glory”

That debilitating angst is multiplied manifold inside prison, and one day the convicts are going to demand their liberation. Over the course of my locked-up years, I had engaged in, listened to, or heard about conversations that spoke to a very important fact of prison life. Know what it is? It’s that each and every convict knows they outnumber the guards by ten to one! For some, this morsel of data may not mean much when he initially stumbles upon it, but given time this morsel will have exactly enough time to marinate in its own juices, and then lo and behold, the convict will grasp this prized knowledge to his chest, nurturing and nursing it until it is ripe enough to explode. And guess what else? In the same way that great minds think alike, yeah well, oppressed minds think alike also, and when enough minds come to the conclusion that they can take their freedom by overpowering you, then there you go.

Like hungry vultures, the convicts have watched and waited for this moment, knowing intuitively that it must, of necessity, one day come. History has been partner to this “manifest destiny” time and time again, and what has happened to the prisoners of America is what historically has happened to all oppressed minorities throughout the ages. What happens is that one day they realize that the tables have turned, and what will emerge from this realization is REVENGE!

When it comes to prisoners, not only has history been ignored, but science has been mocked as well because aren’t we taught, at some point in our lives, that for every action, there is a reaction. If, for some reason, you didn’t get that memo, I’m quite you know what a cat will do when pushed into a corner. If so, then you understand more than you thought you did.

In later blogs, I will acquaint you with the culture of prison as well as the criminal culture. If you are not afraid of being hurt by the truth, follow my blog.