The United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina was home to one of the most vicious and feared prosecutors in the country, and Regina Barkley couldn’t stand his white ass. The man was intelligent and ambitious, but had climbed up the political ladder on the backs of some of the biggest dope-boys in Charlotte whom he had convicted, and had put away for long stretches in the federal Bureau of Prisons. Many of her friends had fallen victim to the man’s cruel brand of justice.

And now she was back in Court again. This morning, they were bringing her only son, Yusef, in for arraignment. The DEA had recently snatched him up and had charged him with being the ring-leader of a notorious heroin distribution ring that had supplied drugs  up and down the Eastern Seaboard.

It was, by now, common knowledge that the prosecutor, Eric Montgomery, was going to slap him with a drug conspiracy as well.

Regina pondered the ways of the judicial system and concluded that it was not geared to work in the interests of urban youth. She gritted her teeth at that chilling conclusion and though the reality outraged her, there wasn’t much she could do about it, but this kind of apathy meant letting her beloved child catch a life sentence without the possibility of parole. And she wasn’t going to let it go down like that. Not if she could help it.

Regina had chosen today to introduce her ten year old nephew to the world of the courthouse because she wanted to make sure that Rah-Rah understood the perils of trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents.

Regina pointed out the set-up, who was who, and explained the role of the Judge, the jury and the prosecutor.

“The criminal judicial system is not an honorable profession, ” Regina whispered. “It chews men up and spits them out.”

Rah-Rah made an ugly face so Regina knew that he had gotten the point.

Regina especially zeroed in on the prosecutor, carefully explaining that the  man was not a true human, but that he was instead an ambassador for the devil, and that it was due to him and his colleagues that almost a million black men were on lockdown in this country.

When the proceedings were over, Regina started to complain to the lawyers that their defense wasn’t shit, but what good would it do? She blew a kiss as the Marshals escorted her son from the courtroom, his shackles sounding the chain-gang shuffle. Then she was alone with Rah-Rah.

“What they gonna do with my daddy?”

“Damn Judge denied him bond so that means he gotta sit in the county until I can come up with a way to get his foot out of the graveyard.

On the ride back to her crib in Mountain Island, Regina got a call from one of the lawyers she had hired to represent her son, and was told to meet him at CiCi’s Pizza on Mount Holly-Huntersville Road in ten minutes.

Regina stepped on the gas, speeding up Brookshire Boulevard, her eyes misty. She knew that the lawyer couldn’t possibly have good news which meant bad news for Yusef.

“We can never be content with just getting by, Rah, since our family is the First Family of the streets. Much of our family blood, dating back to your great-grandfather, was shed to establish the mad props we be getting today. In the end, it’s all about family—our family—and we gotta honor that bond no matter what.” Regina stared at her nephew. “Don’t never let nobody disrespect the family name. You let a nigga do that and it ain’t no worse than a nigga spitting in your Mama’s face.”

Regina Barkley was a tall, six foot, busty, forty year old dark-skinned woman with round, brown eyes, and full lips. Her hair was short, her legs were long, and her titties and ass were big.

She had grown up in Earle Village, a government housing project, where her family had been in total control of the drug trade on the Eastside of the city, but living this close to the uptown ho stroll on West Trade Street had been such a lure to Regina as a teenager that she had dropped out of high school to sell pussy for a North Charlotte pimp named Johnny Dollar.

No other bitch on the stroll had more swag than Regina, and soon she was Trade Street’s favorite ho. Even though she later joined the family’s bustling drug empire, she never completely abandoned slanging pussy until she was gang-raped by a crew of out-of-town niggas who sadly discovered that the reach of the Barkley family was just as formidable as the long arm of the law.

As soon as they entered the pizza joint, the lawyer, John Davis, who was also a close family friend, hustled Regina and Rah-Rah to the back where a corner table was ready for them.

“I got a plan that can save Yusef.”

Regina grinned happily. “That’s the shit I be wanting to hear.”

“But it has to be handled outside the courtroom.”

At first Regina was going to object to killing the prosecutor, but remained silent. “I’m down for anything that will put my son back out heah on the bricks even if it does means hiring a hit-man.”

Lawyer Davis flinched at that suggestion. “Whoa, Regina, hold on a damn minute. Who said anything about murder?”

Regina shrugged. “What else we got?”

“A master plan if you up for it.” Lawyer Davis winked. “It’s gonna cost you.”

“Money ain’t no thang. Just put me down with this so-called master plan and let me see what’s up wit’ it.”

Lawyer Davis squared his shoulders. “I ‘ve been the mouth-piece for the family every since I left law school, and I’m proud to say that I have yet to let one of the Barkleys do hard time.”

“Well, I hope your winning streak keeps on going ‘cause that cracker ain’t playing wit’ Yusef . He looking to hang him for everything the white folks ain’t been able to get the rest of us wit’.” Regina shrugged. “What I gotta do?” When Lawyer Davis cast a woeful eye at Rah-Rah, Regina spoke to her nephew. “Rah, go play the games. When the kid was out of range, Regina’s voice was cold. “What I gotta do?”

“Fuck the prosecutor, and by fuck, I mean fuck.”

“So what am I s’pose to do, roll up on the motherfucka and offer him a shot of ass.”

“Stranger things have happened,” Lawyer Davis chuckled, ”but this is not a trick off the block. You are going to have to work for the dick. You will be required to use finesse and savoir-faire to get Eric Montgomery to drop his pants.”

Regina sighed. “How the fuck am I s’posed to trick that high-society cracker into thinking I’m a professional bitch when I’m a crook. A smart man like that will peep my shit in a heartbeat. Then what?”

“You can do it. Plus, you have to do it if you want to free Yusef.”

“How? How I’m gonna fake out a college-educated cracker,” Regina squealed helplessly. “I’m the big, bad wolf, not Miss 9-5. You feel me?”

“Look, Regina, I’ll school you.”

That made Regina laugh so hard her stomach hurt. “Is-is that gonna be like one of those long distance courses where you get yo’ degree by mail.” Regina laughed some more. “What you gonna teach me, how to kiss ass.”

“Now, you getting silly on me when all I’m trying to do is to save your boy from going to prison. Like I said, you’ll be well-schooled.”

“I’m in.” Regina shook his head. “I guess it could be a whole lot worse. You gonna teach me everything I need to know to grab this jack-ass, right?”

“Got an even better teacher for you,” Lawyer Davis grinned. “You’ll meet him tomorrow. Now, get my paper straight.”

Regina glared at the lawyer. “Man, don’t send no ugly motherfucka to handle this.”

“Trust me, this white boy….. “

“White boy?”

“Of course. Who else can teach you the ways of white men except a white man?” He smiled. “Would you send a cat to teach a dog new tricks?”

Regina mumbled a soft and almost silent “No.”

“Would you send a boy to do a man’s job?”

This time Regina shook her head.

“Would you send a nun to teach a bitch how to sell pussy?”

“Okay, okay, I get the point.”

“Anyway, like I was saying, this dude is a pretty boy, the whole package if you dig white flesh.”

Satisfied, Regina relaxed. “In that case, I think I just might wanna be the teacher’s pet.”