In order to keep it real, you must tell the truth, so here’s some bad news. Even though it initially sounds so patently unfair, it can hardly be argued that black women have not selected the right company when it comes to black men. And here’s why. Throughout the entire spectrum of life and nature, there is a code, a system whereby things function. This code or way of life was put in place for a reason and whenever this code is disrupted or disturbed, havoc ensues. A case in point is the recent killing of a trainer at a zoo by a killer whale. It was tragic, no doubt, but what must be remembered is that you cannot violate the laws of nature without there being serious consequences.

People watch the news and gasp in abject horror when a lion, chimpanzee, or a tiger turns on its owner. Again, these incidents are indeed horrible, but hardly anyone cries for the animal whose nature has been tampered with. Wild animals were not meant to be tamed  or trained to do circus tricks. It was not the original intent for them to jump through hoops of fire or to roll over on command. These are creatures of the wild, and their place is within the animal kingdom, and not in some cage in a zoo.

Well, in the human world, the black woman has been tampered with; the sanctity of her precious nature violated, and it has been done with such a wanton disregard for her potential that in some cases, she is nothing more than a circus exhibit.

God, in His Infinite wisdom, created  the black woman to be a nurturer, a caregiver, a mother, but the black man in his puny arrogance placed himself into open competition with God, and decided that he could make better use of her as a ho or crack-head. Yes, black men, have competed with God over what the black woman should be, and he has turned her into something less than what she was intended to be.

Black men have decoded the nature of the black woman in the same fashion that Crick and Watson decoded the nature of DNA, and black men have used this knowledge to make black women perform tricks that she would not have performed otherwise. I don’t meant to castigate all black men, but the guilty ones must be called out for the role they have played in the destruction of the black woman.

Let’s examine what occurred. I don’t want it to be thought that I’m about to peddle false information so all you gotta do is ask your Mama or your Grandmother. Back in the days, a black woman was one of the most modest females on the face of the earth. She was taught to sit with her legs closed, and any time a young girl sat down with her legs opens, the elders were sure to scold her by telling her “they didn’t want their picture taken!  The young girl would immediately close her legs. These young girls were taught “manners”.

In those days, black girls were so modest that even when it came to sex, they would not even let a man look at their naked body. You had to turn the lights off! That’s how much they respected and valued their physical assets.

But for some reason this modesty did not play well with a certain segment of black men who set out to crack the code of the black woman’s nature. They desired to set her free of her moral restraints, or as it was said back then by members of The Nation Of Islam, the black woman was tricked out of her mind.

In order to trick her out of her “draws”, it was first decided that the black woman had to be tricked out of her mind, and with the same devotion and dedication that white men employed to trick wild animals into becoming something they were not, the black man went to work on the sistas. He applied himself to his task with diligence, and didn’t stop until he had finally decoded the nature of his woman, and once that event was accomplished, he could turn her out to suit his selfish aims. Once stripped of her maternal instincts and capacity to be a nurturer, the ho mentality appeared.

But another troubling aspect that underlies this tragic transformation is this: What could have been?!  If a black man was enterprising enough to undo generations of teachings passed down through mothers and grandmothers on how their daughters should act, why couldn’t he had used this skill to encourage his woman to go to school, to became a nurse, a teacher. Mainly because he felt he could make better use of her as a ho.

And it all goes back to values. There would have been a greater possibility of the black man employing his skills to assist his woman if he possessed a set of working values. Sadly, due to his emotional emasculation at the hands of society, the black man has commonly found himself devoid of a system of values which would require that he respect himself. Respect for self has never been common among black men because how can there be respect for yourself when historically you have been the “whipping boy” of the universe? If the ultimate goal of history is to paint an accurate portrait of people, places, and  things then history cannot be kind to black men in America. They were slaves and they took it. They submitted to the worst horror one set of people could inflict upon any set of people, and they let it be. They surrendered cowardly. They didn’t fight or die to save their women. Their children were taken away from them, and sold like a piece of bubble gum. And the negatives continued even after slavery ended. The black man built up an entire economy on his back, made white slave-masters rich, and then couldn’t provide for his family once free.

This is not a pretty scenario, but it is a true one. Lacking values, the black man was free to re-invent his world, and the first thing he saw in his world that needed changing was his woman. But let’s explore values. There’s not much complicated about it, and the evening news and daily headlines support the notion that black men don’t value their freedom as they constantly commit crimes that will eventually land them in prison. We witness this disregard of values on a day-to-day, week-to-week basis, but black men also don’t value their mind-set, their inherent skills. If you don’t believe me, consider this. A black male and a white male could be born on the same day with the same exact set of skills. Let’s say they both possess the uncanny ability to drive an automobile. Even though the skill set is the same, it is due to their value system that  will cause them to use their skills differently. The white kid because he values his skills and respects what those skills can accomplish for him will opt to be a NASCAR driver. The brotha with the exact same set of skills will end up being the get-away driver for a stick-up crew.

Another example is that two males, one black, one white can be born with the gift of gab. The white kid will become a motivational speaker and use his powers of persuasion to encourage others. The brotha will become a pimp and use his skills to persuade women to become prostitutes.

It is all about values.