After I was sentenced to 24 years for a crime I didn’t commit (I served 10 years and 42 days for that robbery), I immediately went on a hunger strike. No, I wasn’t trying to kill myself. I knew the jail would transfer me to prison quicker this way. They did. When I got to the prison, it was sorta like a mini family reunion as two of my brothers were there. One had just gotten off┬álockup for killing another convict over a fan. Well, the other one is still locked up and has been since 1976.After a brief while, the prison folks decided to separate us because me and my brothers could be a little hard to handle sometimes. Anyway, I got transferred to the Walls, where the wall is so high that the only thing you can see is the sky. I fought my case. I wrote Oprah, 60 minutes, 20/20 and when I saw that no one was coming to my rescue, I did what I do. I hit the yard like a boss. I finessed my way into getting a job in the visiting room where I discovered a way to smuggle drugs into the prison. Soon, I was in control of all the drugs on the yard. I used the proceeds from my drug operations to buy up all the card games and betting tickets until I owned all the gambling, the first time all the illegal activity was under one management. I was penitentiary rich.

Everything was going great until one of my workers got jumped on. In the ensuing battle, the guards started to beat up the guy we was beating up. It’s one thang for us to fight each other, but the guards can’t do it. I turned on the guards, got locked up for inciting a riot, and was placed in solitary for a year where I was confined to my cell for 23 hours a day.

When I got off of lockup, they considered sending me to The Farm, but decided not to. I had burned the cornfields down on the Farm when I was a young G. Check this out, on the farm, back in the day, we were not supposed to work if it was below freezing , but one day they gonna work us anyway. I could deal with the weather. but what got to me was the fact that the guards kept complaining that it was too cold for the horses they rode. They didn’t give a damn about us being cold. So I put an end to that foolishness. I set the fields ablaze. Off to lockup I went.