(How to turn time into the asset you need to find success)

Chapter 1


First, some good news.  If there is such a thing as a natural remedy for success, it would certainly be time, but just what is this phenomenon that most of us tolerate with only a mild curiosity? Can it be harnessed? Can it be regulated or reduced? How do we establish a long-term relationship with it?  Are there any hard-and-true “rules of the road” when it comes to confronting time in an effort to mastering it?

From the very moment of our conception, we are born ready to run away from time, the one thing we can’t escape. No matter what we do or don’t do during the course of our lives, it will all be accomplished within a framework where time has generated either a blessing or a curse dependent upon our behavior in regards to it.

Time is indeed a privilege, a social pact between you and God; and when we come to understand how much of a travesty it is to us, individually, to fail to validate our lives, we will learn how to interact with time on a more compatible basis. What can be any more personally cruel to us as the amazing humans we are than to die without having solved the mystery of how to make time your friend.

To merely exist is so low-tech. The emphasis should be on living, and by that I mean living well, but let it be understood right now that to truly live is both  appealing and challenging. The inherent appeal lies within your ability to envision that “there is more where this came from” while the challenge is praying that you have room for it all.

What is so apparent is that some of us, perhaps most of us, approach the adventure of life with the view that time is an enemy, our own private bogeyman that ushers in horizons where unforeseeable unknowns can threaten our personal sanity. Then we legitimize these fears by becoming a poster-child for their fruition. Unsurprisingly, those of us who have made a living of being victimized by time simply don’t know what to do with ourselves. What this so aptly illustrates is how deeply we have tied our emotions and our intellectual independence on the fear of something whose primary goal is to confer value on our existence rather than to rob us of it.

In a nutshell, time, rather than being the spirit of doom should be more rightly viewed as an introductory offer to tomorrow.

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