Talkin’ The Talk


                At SoulFire Books, we acknowledge the awesome power of language simply because we understand how words shape and influence our behavior. And with this in mind, we fully intend to explore and to exploit the richness of the English language in a concerted attempt to breathe new life into the narrative of African-American literature.

At SoulFire Books, it is our mission to elevate and to evolve African-American literature by being fundamentally committed to being at the forefront of a new direction in our literary progression. At SoulFire Books, we will teach, we will heal, and we will be unapologetic about the literary perils we will endure to insure that your reading experience is unparalleled.

At SoulFire Books, we steadfastly promote the notion that the companionship and intimacy that exists between writer and reader should always be honored, and to honor tht commitment, we will introduce and acquaint with some of the most progressive African-American literature of our times. That is our promise, and we will deliver.