SOULFIRE BOOKS exists because you read!

With the advent of this company, a new day has dawned in the world of urban literature. At SOULFIRE BOOKS, we possess the unique attitude that you deserve a reading experience that far exceeds your expectations, one that is totally transforming and enriching. Reading should be a wonderful habit.

Well, it is GRADUATION DAY! You have graduated to a realm of writing that will set you free from the ordinary, the mundane, and the predictable.  Whet your literary palette on any of the works from SOULFIRE BOOKS and your reading habits will never be the same.

SOULFIRE BOOKS is  not  so much a place as a destination. We write our books to give you an overwhelming sense of literary satisfaction because we want you to be possessed by what can only be described as “The SOULFIRE” experience. We don’t merely welcome your literary presence. We celebrate it.

Something else we are about here at SOULFIRE BOOKS is great writing, well-conceived story-lines, and totally engaging characters. This is what we term the “trinity of a complete book.” Check out any of the works we offer at SOULFIRE BOOKS and see for yourself if we stand up and measure up to that boast. We are utterly convinced that what you will discover to your total satisfaction is that we practice what we preach!